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Host Club Application contact SSA for rules and fees regarding holding trials.

Approved Agility Judges

Kristina Ackerman
Madalynn Becker
Maria Helm

Seth Kieffer   
Katie Leisey      
Isaac Malmer       

Jerrad Malmer      
Kim Malmer        
Mark Malmer
Patricia Mowery
Maggie Savory-Posselios        
Noah Snelson
Beth Weidman

Approved Rally Judges
Youlia Anderson
Maria Helm
Sandy Imboden
Kim Malmer
Trisha Mowery
Kristen Murray
Peggy Seiler

Approved Water Sports Judges
Maria Helm
Bradley Malmer
Kim Malmer
Trisha Mowery

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Approved Host Clubs
Oscar's Pet Resort        
Rocky Creek Dog Agility
Stony Creek Canine Academy
The Complete Canine Center

Judge’s Check list for Standard Courses

Check dog walk size 8 foot planks 3 feet height or 12 foot planks 4 feet height

Check A Frame size 8 foot planks 4’5” tall or 9 foot planks 5’ tall

Number of contacts minimum 2, maximum 3 physically in ring

Maximum number of contact performances = 4

Tunnels minimum 1 physically in ring—open , closed or hoop and minimum of 1 tunnel performance

Tunnels no maximum but a maximum of  2 open pipe tunnel performance

Tires physically in ring; minimum of 1, maximum of 2

Tire performance maximum of 3

Jump performances minimum of 2, no maximum

Table exactly one performance

Minimum of 16 feet between obstacles, 20 feet before and after double, no maximum

Check for unsafe angles at all levels.


Special instructions for Beginners

Total Obstacles 10 to 12

No weaves or teeter

Change of handling side 1 time encouraged

Minimum of one challenge


Special instructions for Intermediate

Total Obstacles  12 to 14

Weaves minimum of 6, maximum of 6

Change of handling side 1 time minimum

Minimum of two challenges

Special instructions for Advanced

Total Obstacles  14 to 16

Weaves minimum of 6, maximum of 12

Change of handling side 2 times minimum

Minimum of three challenges


Special instructions for Superior/Elite

Total Obstacles  16 to 18

Weaves minimum of 6, maximum of 12, 12 is encouraged

Change of handling side 3 times minimum

Minimum of four challenges

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